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mariella, uk, 16. I have a passion for tailoring, embroidery and crafts, and this blog is an online portfolio for the things I make, where i can log my creations. I usually make patches, contemporary clothing and cosplay outfits. 

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I started by printing off the image of the patch onto tracing paper, and using a mounted needle to prick holes across the lines. I taped the tracing down onto the black fabric, and dusted tailor's chalk across it so the shape was printed onto the fabric. I went over in it gel pen afterwards so it stayed. Then it was time to sew! I started with the X in the center and worked outwards. I was out of white cottons right now, so I finished the red embroidery first around the outside, going over it twice to give it a raised shape. After buying white cottons, I could do a basic backstitch over the lettering. But this didn't look neat enough, so I decided to embroider over it to make it stronger. I also outlined the entre X. I loved how to embroidered letters looked, so now I could cut out the finished shape and use craft glue to secure it to the iron on interfacing. I had my patch!

My first patch, to satisfy my X-Men addiction. Click on each photo for more information on the process!